Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Update in Pictures

It's Saturday, October 15 and Occupy Wall Street is about one month old. Today protests sprouted up in hundreds of cities around the globe. Have collected a variety of images that help to portray the breadth, depth and diversity of the movement:

Rome, today, in front of the Coliseum

Rome, about 100,000 marchers. OWS connected to anti-austerity.

Julian Assange, speaking today in London

London, in front of St. Paul's, today

Seoul, South Korea
Sarajevo, Bosnia

Toronto, Canada

Berlin, Germany

Students at UWashington in Seattle

The Circle Dialogue in Zucotti Park, New York

Not only the young

Diversity in NYC

A family affair in DC

Marching in the rain. Last week in NYC.

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